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Will parcel lockers gain more popularity around the holidays?


The holiday season is here and shippers are scrambling to find the most efficient way to deliver millions of packages this season. One way carriers are eliminating the last-mile delivery inconveniences is by offering centralized delivery locations. Delivering packages door-to-door in residential areas or remote locations is proving to be a fragmented use of time and inefficient use of resources. Parcel lockers are gradually becoming more mainstream as e-commerce purchases skyrocket and shippers compete to crack the last-mile delivery code.

What are the perks for using parcel lockers?

Parcel lockers are becoming a delivery option due to their automated and streamlined package storage system.


Retailers can drop packages and customers can come pick them up when it’s convenient and without any human interaction. Most lockers are open 24/7 making it easier to pick up packages on your schedule instead of coming home to find a “Sorry we missed you” notice.


Parcel lockers reduce shipping costs. As final-mile delivery costs continue to soar and customers expect rapid, free shipping, parcel lockers allow retailers to offer a free final-mile delivery option to their customers.


Not everybody is open to the idea of leaving packages on the front doorstep. Shipment lockers give customers a safer alternative to displaying packages on your doorstep for everybody to see.


Maybe you want to order a present for your spouse, but don’t want it to arrive when your spouse is at home and ruin the surprise. Having another way to deliver those top-secret gifts around the holidays is a huge help.

How popular are parcel lockers?

With package deliveries set to more than double during the peak holiday season, parcel locker solutions are top of mind. FedEx offers Ship&Get, an easy way to pick up and drop of packages on your schedule. UPS offers Access Point Lockers for convenient shipments and returns. Amazon offers Amazon Locker, self-service parcel delivery solution, and the Hub, a delivery option for packages sent to apartment residents from anyone, not just Amazon and its affiliates.

Carriers claim parcel lockers will lower costs for shippers, but surcharges continue to rise. To make sure you are getting the most out of your carrier contract, contact Share A Refund to review a savings estimate based on your current UPS or FedEx contract.

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