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FedEx money back guarantee

Millions of packages are shipped each day meaning occasionally packages will arrive at customers’ doorsteps late. FedEx, just like UPS, offers a money-back guarantee to its customers. This means if your package is late by as little as 60 seconds, FedEx will credit your account or refund the charges.

How to receive refunds for FedEx money-back guarantee

It sounds simple enough, but FedEx won’t file this claim on your behalf or voluntarily give you a refund. The customer must track each shipment, identify when it’s late, and file the claim for a full refund. FedEx makes you jump through hoops to get the money that’s owed to you for their service failure. If you don’t complete everything accurately, FedEx claims you are not entitled to compensation for the service failure. According to FedEx, to qualify for a refund or credit due to a service failure, you must follow the listed conditions.

You may request a refund or credit of transportation charges due to a service failure in the following ways:

a. Use FedEx Billing Online at if you are a registered user; or
b. Submit your request through the invoice adjustment feature at; or
c. Submit the request via telephone at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 (say “billing”).
d. For FedEx SameDay or FedEx SameDay Freight requests, submit your request
via our telephone billing option at 1.800.399.5999.

Your notification of a service failure must include your FedEx account number, the FedEx tracking number, and the date of the shipment.

All requests for refund or credit of transportation charges must be received via one of the approved channels within 15 calendar days of the invoice date or within 15 calendar days from the ship date if you are paying by credit card or in advance by cash, check or money order.

A partial payment against an invoice doesn’t qualify as a request for an invoice adjustment or notice of a refund request. A notification of the reason for an unpaid charge with your payment is not considered a request for an invoice adjustment or notice of a refund request if the reason relates to a service failure

You only have 15 calendar days to submit a request for a refund. If you are juggling many balls, filing a claim for a refund on your FedEx package is the last thing you want to hassle with. Don’t miss your short 15-day window to cash in on refunds. Share A Refund will find packages that are eligible for a FedEx money-back guarantee and file claims on your behalf.

Read the fine print of the FedEx money-back guarantee

Of course, FedEx lists numerous limitations to the money-back guarantee. FedEx has a right to deny a refund if your shipment was delayed due to an incorrect address, or the recipient refused to accept the delivery or was unavailable. If a shipment was delivered to an extended service area, FedEx is only liable for the portion of transportation provided by its team. FedEx’ tender of a shipment to a cartage agent constitutes delivery of the shipment according to FedEx. FedEx is not responsible for service failures as a result of cartage agent pickups or deliveries.

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Is there a money-back guarantee for international FedEx shipments?

FedEx offers a money-back guarantee for FedEx Express shipments if the published delivery time, or quoted time for FedEx International Next Flight, is missed by even one minute.

Share A Refund saves you money and time

Shipments that don’t’ arrive on time represent potential refunds. Depending on how many shipments your business is sending every week, it can be incredibly chaotic to check individual packages for late deliveries and weed out the eligible refunds. Share A Refund eliminates the guesswork, using an industry-leading auditing process that works rapidly to find the shipments eligible for a refund. A comprehensive audit is performed on every shipment to ensure no refund is overlooked.

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