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Freight shipping services from UPS and FedEx are imperative to military vehicle transportation logistics, but these companies do not always meet their guaranteed delivery times and often make shipping errors. In such a sensitive industry, even a slight delay can derail the supply chain and harm sensitive relationships with DoD contacts and military bases. To help you keep control over military vehicle shipping services, you need a powerful freight auditing software that works with your TMS. Share A Refund is able to deliver on all points with reliable auditing that catches and tracks more errors than other freight tracking applications.

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Transportation management systems are at the core of your freight logistics planning for military vehicle shipment. However, no TMS system is perfect. Almost every TMS requires some type of add-on to improve functionality related to a specific industry, especially when that industry is as complex as military vehicle manufacturing. Share A Refund understands this, which is why the free freight auditing app has been designed to work with TMS systems and not alongside them. The immediate benefit of using Share A Refund for auditing freight is less paperwork and reduced shipping costs by automatically claiming FedEx and UPS refunds. Yet, the benefits of Share A Refund go well beyond these immediate savings. Share A Refund is here to help with comprehensive parcel auditing, lost and damage claim filing service and carrier agreement optimization. One of the core features of the auditing app is that it provides free freight analytics, and provides these analytics in easy-to-understand visuals such as charts and maps. Freight logistic managers will be able to see where issues are occurring in freight planning and execution. For example, analytics will allow managers to assign freight to the right carrier to optimize rate structures, to increase load consolidation, improve route compliance, and negotiate better terms for guaranteed delivery times and Limited Access Location shipments. The end result is maximized value through better freight planning of military vehicle shipping and drastic savings.

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