Industrial manufacturing parcel audit

Industrial manufacturers often have a difficult time making the most out of their shipments. It’s difficult enough to maintain product quality while ensuring timely deliveries to your customers without footing the bill for carrier mistakes. Share a Refund helps industrial manufacturing supply chain logistics by addressing the shipment issues many companies face. Major carriers often force manufacturers to overspend on major packages, and with Share a Refund’s parcel auditing, any unfair spend goes right back into your pocket.

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Share a Refund is here to help with comprehensive parcel auditing, lost and damage claim filing service and carrier agreement optimization. The award-winning Share a Refund software works silently in the background, saving pennies on the dollar while you manage other areas of your industrial manufacturing business. The savings potential is massive: over $2 billion is lost annually to unclaimed refunds. Many businesses simply aren’t capturing this money because carriers like UPS, DHL & FedEx don’t make it an easy process by imposing a slew of rules and procedures to get a few bucks. Share a Refund eliminates the guesswork, and makes it simple to view and track results.
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Avoid overcharges with comprehensive parcel auditing

Each charge is carefully scrutinized by our systems

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