How Share a Refund tracks shipping labels

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Shipping labels aren’t exactly the hottest topic to discuss at the dinner table but are critical pieces to the logistics puzzle for shippers of all sizes. As you can imagine, not only will failure to create clear shipping labels result in a logistics disaster, failure to void unused shipping labels results in wasted dollars.

UPS charges customers for all shipping labels created, including those that are unneeded. Share a Refund continuously monitors for unused shipping labels with the manifest tracking service. This service is enabled by default on a UPS account and assists the other services within Share a Refund in claiming refund credits for charges on unused shipping labels.

What happens behind-the-scenes

The status of each shipment is detailed within the shipment detail view inside of the Share a Refund application. Summary reports and list view are available, as well as tools to assist customers in generating invoices for unused, unvoided, expired shipping labels created by third-party shippers that are billed to a UPS shipping account. All shipping labels created, including payee shipping labels and labels created by third-party shippers are tracked until shipped or voided. After 30 days, the manifest tracking service automatically notifies other Share a Refund services to take action on unneeded shipping labels. This service acts as a watchdog, monitoring your UPS account for unused shipping labels. The status of each shipment is detailed within the shipment detail view inside of the Share a Refund application.

Learn more about the manifest tracking service: Share a Refund manifest tracking service

The Share a Refund difference

This manifest tracking service works conjointly with the other services to lower total spend on shipping and secure refund credits available within both UPS and FedEx accounts. Within just the first few weeks, all customers, even those migrating from a different auditing software solution provider, see the realization of more refund credits delivered. Better software yields bigger savings for Share a Refund customers.

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