Everything you need to know about the Share a Refund partner program

There’s a growing number of industries that could benefit from data-driven shipment auditing technology. Share a Refund’s partner program provides an avenue for businesses to generate recurring revenue and expand offerings with a value-add service to customers. With our private-label partner program, you’ll be able to implement a solution tailored to your unique business needs. Is shipment auditing a great service to offer as part of your company’s product mix?

Everybody wins with the Share a Refund partner program

Help customers save money

Chances are your customers are losing dollars daily. This app saves companies money by automatically finding and claiming refund credits within their shipping accounts. There’s no onboarding costs or ongoing monthly fees. Share a Refund simply collects half of the service fees that are billed to your customer.

Boost your sales

You have the opportunity to offer your customers more technology solutions without having to develop and support these yourself. There’s no investment in the underlying infrastructure. When savings are secured, customer invoices and payments are processed automatically. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Share a Refund support

Close more deals with the help of a dedicated Share a Refund team member. From video training to marketing materials, we equip you with the tools needed to succeed and satisfy customers.

What to expect

The partner program shipment auditing platform is the most powerful, best-in-class small parcel auditing and communication platform available on the market with the following built-in features.

Time-saving automation

Onboarding new customers is a breeze with the automated signup process. Invoices are automatically generated and emailed directly to customers based on individual customer settings you have predetermined. AutoPay makes paying invoices easy and automated weekly notifications are sent to customers from your email address to outline all shipping, refund and auditing activities on their account.

Comprehensive analytics

Data drives business decisions. Detailed, multi-page pdf documents are provided free of charge to customers. These documents showcase potential savings related to package optimization, rate negotiation and more. Leveraging data as a powerful, business-growing tool will result in increased revenue.

Bank-level security

Bank-level security keeps account and shipping information secure by integrating 256-bit encryption. You can expect 99.99% average uptime from this resilient and fault-tolerant software built by an experienced team of software engineers.

Selling made simple

We ensure your setup is swift, perform all the shipment auditing services and promote your branding. You can offer your customers a proven cost-reducing technology, all while maintaining a seamless, cohesive experience.

Your brand takes center stage

Your brand is the only one your customers will see on the invoices, marketing materials, customized website and app. Armed with marketing and promotional materials, you will be prepared to promote and sell this cost-savings service however you see fit to your customers.

Fast and easy setup

There’s absolutely no fees associated with getting started and no tedious technical coding required on your part. We supply you with onboarding videos to learn how the app works and an intuitive web form creates your partner account in seconds.

You call the shots

You have the flexibility to remain competitive in regards to price and extending credit to customers, with complete control over customer service fees, credit terms and the payment methods available to customers.

Are you ready to increase your revenue while connecting your customers with a value-add service you can feel confident about? Learn more about our partner program today!

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