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A demo lets you get a firsthand look at how Share a Refund works and what it can do for your organization. Turn 10 minutes of your day into a cost-saving, time-saving opportunity. This parcel recovery service is designed to put dollars back into your business.

Key points of the demo


A calendar invite will be sent to your address with the login details for the meeting. This includes a screen sharing component. Don’t want to go through the hassle? Just give our team a call, and we walk you through a self-guided tour of the Share a Refund platform.


A five-minute conversation with a member of the Share a Refund team gives us a better idea on the type of demo that’s best for your business. The way businesses use the Share a Refund platform is diverse, from direct customers, to resellers and outside sales reps. With this information, a tailored demo will commence.

Real data capabilities

The Share a Refund engineering team worked hard to create a demo environment that’s simulated, or optionally populated with your company’s real data. If you’d like to see a demonstration of your data, please take a moment and let us know, by responding to the confirmation email sent to you.

Free overspend evaluation

The Share a Refund auditing team develops a report based on the information collected during the demonstration and generates a overspend evaluation specific to your business.

Demo attendees list

Transportation directors, operation managers and analysts are the usual attendees for demos of the Share a Refund system. The information covered during the call can be as in-depth as you’d like. For scaled operations, with multiple fulfillment points, etc. it’s usually best practice to treat the first call as a discovery, and detail the next steps required in preparing a free evaluation that’s presented typically on a follow-up call.

Ready to see Share a Refund in action?

When it comes to the shipping world, a good parcel audit workflow will dramatically increase productivity and cut costs.

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