Affiliate Program

Terms and Conditions

All points below govern the relationship of you “Affiliate” and Share A Refund “Company”, a company based in Texas, for this Affiliate Agreement “Agreement”.

Joining the Affiliate Program

In signing up for the Share A Refund Affiliate program, you are engaging Share A Refund as an independent contractor, wherein you will receive commissions on revenues resulting from the refund recovery shipping services rendered on customer accounts for those customers which are referred to Share A Refund on your behalf.


You are to introduce, advertise, market, promote Share A Refund software and services in a way that is truthful and lawful. All methods of advertising, including but not limited to email advertising, online advertising, direct marketing, must comply with all governing laws in the United States and the state of Texas, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights. Failure to meet this standard results in immediate termination of this agreement.
Share A Refund is not liable for damages of any kind resulting from your efforts as an independent contractor, including indirect, special or consequential damages arising in the connection with this program. Further, Share A Refund is not responsible for any consequential damages related to the collection of any customer information and unintended use of that information.
Share A Refund makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to this program, the success of the software and service provided by Share A Refund to customers or the operation of the software being error-free. Share A Refund reserves the right to make accounting adjustments on client accounts on affiliate agreements that relate to customer disputes, chargebacks or refunds. Any commissions paid on revenues realized from users that are both an affiliate and direct customer or unrealized revenues are the property of Share A Refund.

Affiliate Links

The tracking URL provided to you by Share A Refund is unique to your account. You are welcome to use this link or a proxy link pointing to this link in all advertising and marketing materials representing Share A Refund and its service offering.

Affiliate Tracking

A user that arrives at Share A Refund using your tracking URL will have a cookie placed within his browser for a period of 21 days. Any signup wherein the presence of the tracking cookie is confirmed will result in a referral to your affiliate account. Untracked referrals will be allocated to your account at the sole discretion of the Share A Refund team, and be handled on a case by case basis. Requests for consideration on untracked referrals can be submitted by the web form within the Share A Refund Help Center.

Affiliate Payouts

Payouts will be made every 2 weeks as a commission percentage on the amounts of revenues received from a referral. Payouts will be made for the duration of the contract engagement between the Customer (referred to Share A Refund by Affiliate) and Share A Refund.

Payment Methods

Payments will be made will be send via PayPal or mailed by Check to the address specified. Any transaction fees, including but not limited to bank transaction fees or wire transfers are the responsibility of the Affiliate. Any transaction fees, when present, will be applied to payments automatically.


Either you or Share A Refund may terminate the Affiliate agreement at any time. Upon termination, any unpaid commissions from previous revenues will be processed and paid at the sole discretion of Share A Refund. Prospective commissions from future revenues albeit from current or prospective customers are null and void.
By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand and agree with them. For more information related to the procedures within, please contact customer service.