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You’re not crazy. Your shipment auditor is ripping you off.

is my auditor ripping me off

When people think of a used car salesman often a picture of a sleazy man with greasy, slicked-back hair comes to mind. Not all car salesmen are out to get you, but this generalization exists for a reason. Car buyers often dread going to the dealership to purchase a car and the thought of negotiating a fair price makes them cringe. They never know if they will be on the receiving end of a massive rip off. Shipment auditors can fall into this same category. They squeeze policies into their contracts that shouldn’t be there at all resulting in a substantial amount of money lost. Stories of customers spending more than $80,000 a year on service fees are not unusual. If you’ve noticed an absence of financial gain or a failure in service it might be time to reevaluate your auditor. Here are a few steps to help you answer the question, “Is my auditor ripping me off?”

Do your homework

It’s easy for auditors to swindle customers who don’t take the time to do their homework. If you’ve signed a contract, the fine print reveals a lot. Most people don’t have time to read contracts in their entirety which is where auditors can mislead customers and easily sneak in verbiage that states, “All credits and refunds shall be deemed to be the result of actions taken by Company on behalf of Client.” That single sentence tells you exactly what type of parcel auditing company this is: one that overcharges with service fees. Some refunds are credited by the carrier, but these particular auditors are still going to collect the payout for work they didn’t do. Share A Refund doesn’t believe that’s the fair way to operate a business. Share A Refund is performance-based meaning the refunds are split only when Share A Refund has taken specific action to retrieve the savings. You never have to worry about fighting those service fees or being ripped off again.

Ask for proof

Parcel auditors don’t always provide detailed documentation on refunds. This is a great way to catch auditors ripping you off. As a best practice, every credit should be reconciled and proof of the actions taken by the auditor. With Share A Refund, customers can find a screenshot and invoice number where the refund was delivered. If your auditor hesitates to provide documentation or transparent reporting this is an indicator of suspicious service.

Test their customer support

Does your auditor see you as a dollar sign or does he truly have your business’s best interest at heart? If the customer service aspect is lacking where else could this auditor be lacking? The parcel auditing software is only as good as the people behind it. The best parcel auditors leverage the advantages of technology while simultaneously offering responsive and reliable support. Does your parcel auditor provide productive and personable customer support?

Enlist outside help

Reach out to other parcel auditors who can provide a free shipment auditing analysis to ensure you are seeing the maximum amount of dollars returned to your business. Share A Refund can evaluate your current service to ensure every dollar is rightfully recovered. Navigating terms to negotiate an appropriate agreement can be time-consuming and stressful. Share A Refund provides the same degree of service for all customers with a hassle-free approach.

Most auditors aren’t going to publicize their steep service fees, so customers must remain vigilant. Auditors on a mission to rip customers off are notorious for slipping service fees into contracts that eat away at a customer’s bottom line. Share A Refund refuses to do business that way. At Share A Refund, your bottom line is our top priority. Ditch the contracts, forgo the signup fees and watch Share A Refund do all the work to get the savings delivered back to your account.

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