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Will shipment auditing cause conflict with my carrier?

Carrier relationship shipment audit

Life moves at the speed of relationships. At Share A Refund, we know fostering positive relationships are critical in business. This includes the relationship with carriers. A regular misconception expressed is that auditing shipments externally will have a detrimental impact on relationships with the carriers. If you are wondering this yourself, don’t worry you are not alone.

Here’s the thing…

These claims are being processed and managed by a headquarters agent. There’s likely little, if any, communication between the person managing claims approval and your carrier rep. They won’t be talking about your refunds or disputes around the watering hole. Of course, if you ask us, those baseball tickets from reps aren’t worth the thousands of dollars that could be returned to your business anyway.

Don’t forget…

For a business relationship to truly prosper, both parties need to be held accountable for their services. Share A Refund simply ensures customers aren’t paying for something they shouldn’t be. Think of us as contract adherence. The agreements and invoices created by the carriers are so complicated that billing mistakes are common. Checking that every charge billed to the customer is accurate, according to the agreement that was penned, is good business.  If you went to the store and a single product was accidentally charged twice you would politely ask the retail associate to refund the incorrect charge. The same applies when auditing shipments.  Parcel auditing is just one way to guarantee that your carriers are being held accountable for services rendered.

Everybody wins…

Because Share A Refund submits claims with 100% accuracy, the workflow for carriers is streamlined. In a sense, Share A Refund helps carriers by saving them time from hassling with claims submitted manually. Many of our shipment auditing customers actually receive a higher level of service from their carrier after leveraging Share A Refund features.

Integrating with Share A Refund will keep carriers honest and instantly recover maximum savings back to your account. Any other misconceptions you are questioning? We would love to clear them up by contacting us here.

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