What is shipment auditing?

what is shipment auditing

If you are relatively new to the logistics landscape, shipment auditing might be unfamiliar to you. For some, even the word “audit” sends chills up their spines. Luckily, auditing shipments is an advantage to all businesses that send packages.

What exactly is a shipment audit?

You can think of parcel auditing as a spell check for your shipping accounts. Every day millions of packages are shipped in the United States, and these packages are subject to dozens of surcharges and fees put in place by carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. The carriers intentionally create complex charges to confuse shippers in hopes they won’t notice incorrect charges. When an audit is performed using intelligent technology, every package eligible for refunds undergoes a robust inspection. A few reasons why a shipment is eligible for a refund credit include late delivery, duplicate charges, invalid residential surcharges, and other various fees.

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Share a Refund eliminates shipment auditing errors to secure full refunds and provides seamless integration without disrupting daily workflow. The resulting refunds are then split between the auditor and the shipper and data reports are generated on a weekly basis. Money that would have been overlooked, is returned back to businesses at a rapid rate.

Small shipping fees erode the bottom line

A small fee seems insignificant on paper, but for any large-volume shipper, those small-change fees can cost you thousands of dollars over the year. Consider someone who dines out for lunch twice a week. Let’s say she spends $20 dollars a week on lunch. It doesn’t seem like much when looking at it on a weekly basis, but knowing $7,300 was spent by the end of the year makes you question if that money could have been invested better.

Shipment auditing scales with your business

Share a Refund’s baseline for processing audits is one thousand shipments per hour. The length of time an audit takes depends on the number of shipments within a given invoice, but once finished the results are published to a customer’s Share a Refund account. There’s no lag in feedback and results are available immediately. Share a Refund scales with your business and keeps up with the needs of a growing company. Drop the manual audit and partner with a parcel management service that will help you see shipping invoices lowered by 2-5% each week.

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