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What can I do if FedEx damaged my package

Imagine that you’ve just ordered for a computer monitor for your daughter’s birthday. In five days that computer monitor arrives on your doorstep. You excitedly open the box only to find a substantial crack on the screen.

This is the story of many who use FedEx to deliver their packages. The contents arrive dented, smashed or in pieces. All shippers should know there is a five-step process to follow when damage occurs to receive a refund. However, it’s important to take the following steps quickly and accurately in order to receive compensation.

FedEx damaged package claims process

1. Begin an online claim

Enter your tracking/PRO number

Enter your tracking PRO number

Select your claim type

FedEx Claim Type for damaged package

Continue filling out the requested information to complete the online claim form

2. Submit supporting documentation for damaged FedEx package

When using the online tool you can drag and drop documents from your computer to your claim. Supporting documents can include:

  • Scan of FedEx® US Airbill, FedEx Ship Manager® printout, or FedEx Ground Pickup Record
  • Photographs of the package and damaged goods
  • Serial number(s) of damaged merchandise
  • Proof-of-value documentation that could include the following:
    • A copy of the original invoice
    • A copy of the retail invoice or receipt
    • Final confirmation screen of an online order with proof of payment
    • Itemized repair invoice or statement of non-repair
    • Appraisal(s) – Expense statement

Note: Documentation isn’t necessary for claims with declared values of less than $100.

3. Submit your online claim form

Review your information, submit the claim form, and print the case number page for your records.

4. Conduct damaged goods inspection

FedEx will contact you if the package and its contents require an inspection. It’s important to keep the original package the contents arrived in until the claim is resolved. If FedEx wants to inspect the package in its entirety, this will help process the claim swiftly.

If you shipped with FedEx Express or FedEx Ground in the U.S., you are allowed to complete your own package inspections with a declared value greater than $100 and less than $1,000. You will need to download the detailed Inspection Report. Once complete, upload and attach and images of your shipment and send with the report.

5. Check the status of your claim

Log in to check the status of your claim online or to request email updates to be sent to you.

How to prevent delayed compensation for damaged parcel

Pack the product properly

Sometimes no matter how well you pack a shipment it will still end up damaged due to mishandling by FedEx employees. FedEx can refuse a claim if the package or shipment isn’t packed according to their strict guidelines. For the scenario mentioned at the beginning of this article, FedEx offers a Packaging Computer Shipments Guide to protect shipments from shock vibrations. When shipping a computer monitor FedEx suggests you ship the monitor face-down. FedEx does offer complimentary package testing, evaluation, and design services to help shippers avoid product damage.

Declare the value

FedEx automatically protects packages against loss or damage up to a value of $100 without a declaration of value. If the value of your item is over $100, you should declare the correct value. If not, the maximum liability for loss or damage to a package is $100. Not declaring the appropriate value can become a problem when it comes time to file a claim for a damaged package.

Bring Share A Refund on board

When a FedEx parcel is lost or damaged, Share A Refund notices the problem and takes action immediately. Share A Refund automatically sends notifications, creates the required documents and files claims with FedEx according to best practices and the requirements specific to businesses.

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As you know, filing a FedEx damaged claim is a multi-step process. Overlooking even one detail can hinder the claim process and ultimately delay compensation. If the carrier determines the claim submission is lacking substantial information, shippers can expect multiple time-consuming conversations over the phone and through email.  Share A Refund achieves claim recovery results quicker and is designed to handle even the most complex requirements.

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