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Understanding the different package types for FedEx billing

When negotiating carrier contracts it’s important to understand different package types. Pricing agreements specify service discounts and earned discounts by package type. Often, only the service type or package type used most frequently by the shipper is included in the pricing agreement. This leaves any shipments billed with a service type or package type not listed on the pricing agreement completely undiscounted. Undiscounted shipments translate to lost dollars for your business.

Breaking down each package type for FedEx billing

Outlined below are the abbreviations and descriptions for the different package types for FedEx billing. Do the abbreviations look familiar to you? Grab your FedEx pricing agreement and give it a good review. Are the package types you use included in your discounts or has FedEx overlooked some of the package types you use?

OB Outbound prepaid packages picked up at the customer’s facility

Inbound collect packages received at the customer’s facility

3P Packages shipped for the customer by a third party
RB Packages shipped by the customer and billed to the recipient
PRP Package Returns Packages received at the customer’s facility
ZJ Zone jump packages dropped into designated hub(s) and terminal(s)
RM Return Manager packages received at the customer’s facility
TB Canada to U.S. Trans-Border packages delivered to a U.S. facility

Package types in pricing agreements

Displayed below are FedEx earned discounts on multiweight shipments by package type. Package type abbreviations included within the earned discount pricing model are subject to discounts according to the schedule detailed therein. This means when it comes to FedEx Ground Domestic OB, IB, RB, and 3P are included within the earned discount.

Fedex discounts by package type in carrier pricing agreement

Pricing agreements should include all of the package types used, regardless of frequency. No shipment billed to your account should be undiscounted, ever. In the example below, this shipper has minimum package charge categorized by package types 3P, OB, and RB.

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Pricing agreements should include all of the package types used, regardless of frequency

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