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Streamline the accounting workflow with QBO

QuickBooks Online Integration Share A Refund Reseller Accountants

The white-label reseller program offering by Share A Refund gives businesses the power to generate recurring revenue and expand offerings to customers. And with the recently updated integration with QuickBooks Online, much of the account related to running a shipment auditing business is done for resellers automatically. All back office tasks typically done by a bookkeeper are eliminated, allowing resellers to spend more type on prospecting new customers and growing the business. Best of all, this app is free to use for all Share A Refund Resellers.

Why become a reseller?

Boost your sales

You have the opportunity to offer your customers more technology solutions without having to develop and support these yourself. There’s no investment in the underlying infrastructure. When savings are secured, invoices and payments are processed automatically and promptly.

Automation on your side

Invoicing is automatic. No need to spend time populating an Excel sheet. Share A Refund intuitive technology takes the stress out of manually entering data. Share A Refund exports allow users to splice the data as needed.

Your brand takes center stage

Your brand is the only one your customers will see on the invoices, marketing materials, custom website, and app. Armed with marketing and promotional materials, you will be prepared to promote and sell this cost-savings service however you see fit to your customers.

How to get started with the QBO App as a Reseller

All you have to do is install the Quickbooks Online Share A Refund App and Share A Refund computes the bookkeeping side of things. Already using Quickbooks? Installing and using the Share A Refund App will not interfere with your existing workflow. Share A Refund works in tandem with Quickbooks Online to offer a fluid experience. After the installation of the Share A Refund Quickbooks Online App, all accounting related documents created in your Reseller Account are synced in QuickBooks Online automatically, streamlining the entire accounting workflow for your shipment auditing business. This optional feature is free to all resellers.

Get started by creating a QuickBooks Online account.

  1. Select a QBO Online Plan.
  2. Tap Free Trial for 30 days.
  3. Complete the setup process, follow the account creation instructions.
  4. Import the required accounts.
  5. Follow the guide below to create products.
  6. Install the Share A Refund QBO App.
  7. Enable QBO Sync from inside your Reseller Account settings.

How it works for your benefit

The integration between Share A Refund and QuickBooks online is a two-way integration that makes use of the QuickBooks API to sync event transactions between Share A Refund, Stripe and QuickBooks Online. Important parts of the integration include:

Create and update customer records

Create and update customer sales receipts

Create and update customer invoices

Create payments

Create expenses

Match transactions

Example transactions include:

  • Sales invoices and sales receipts generated by Share A Refund are created inside of QuickBooks in near real-time.
  • Payments applied to sales documents are attached to these sales documents in near real-time.
  • Deposits made by Stripe to the bank account are matched to sales documents daily.
  • Stripe fees subtracted from the deposits are created as expenses and matched to deposits daily.

By using the Quickbooks Online Share A Refund App,  you will see the common mistakes in bookkeeping eliminated, time saved by creating and updating transactions automatically, delivered precision in bookkeeping by creating every single transaction, and best practices used in accounting workflows.

Are you ready to increase your revenue while connecting your customers with a value-add service you can feel confident about? Learn more about our reseller program today or visit the Share A Refund support center for more tips on how to get started.

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