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Share a refund partners with chambers of commerce

Chamber of Commerces partner with Share A Refund to provide a value-add, web-based service to members. The information below details the key points of such a partnership, and showcases why the Share A Refund shipment auditing service is a good service to recommend to your chamber members.

Overview of Share A Refund

Share A Refund saves companies money on shipping. In short, we’ve developed a software program that secures refund for customers due to overcharges by FedEx and UPS. What is an example of an overcharge? Late packages. If a package is one-minute, late then the shipper (your chamber member) can collect 100% of the shipping costs on that package. But knowing which packages are late and filing the claims is hard and takes time. Share A Refund does all the auditing of a shipping account, finds the billing mistakes and files refund claims with FedEx and UPS. When the refunds are delivered, Share A Refund collects half of the found money secured. In this way, the service is 100% performance-based and no-risk to customers. Businesses who ship packages every day love Share A Refund, because by signing up for the service they effectively save 2-4% on shipping each week. Below are some live snapshots from the dashboard within Share A Refund that customers can use to better manage shipping activities.

Overview of the sponsorship

There are two ways to sponsor Share A Refund to receive a commission-based percentage:
  1. Email sent to members. A well-crafted email is created to your specifications and sent over the chamber listserve.
  2. Verbal announcement. Mention the service at the next meeting, detailing how to sign up. Simply go to and register.

Overview of the commission

On average, each customer saves $100 per month in shipping. Share A Refund collects 50% of the savings as a service fee, and 20% of that service fee goes to your chamber as payment for ultimately converting the chamber member as a customer. In other words, you can expect to collect roughly $200 from each customer that signs up for the service over the first year. Share A Refund offers a generous 20% of all revenues generated in the first year from any customer that signs up due to the chamber’s sponsorship efforts. Checks are sent every 2 weeks for the commissions that were generated within the last 2 weeks. An interface is provided, where the customers and commissions are viewable 24/7.

Example email

Below are some screenshots of an email template that is ready to be sent to your Chamber members. The email looks great on a desktop, table and mobile browsers, and will integrate seamlessly with the service that you are using to send out emails to chamber members. The email will have a tracking link associated with your chamber, so of your chamber members who subscribe are attached to your account, and you are given the credit.

Example partner

The Carson Chamber of Commerce recently partnered with Share A Refund to offer shipment auditing services to members within the chamber. An email blast was sent out to chamber members three times and over the program was a success.

Example success stories

Share A Refund has helped hundreds of business save money on shipping. Some of the video testimonials linked to below showcase the potential results for your chamber members to save money on shipping by signing up for Share A Refund.

How to get started

Use the web form listed below to inquire about the next steps in getting started with a partnership with Share A Refund for your chamber. Someone from the Share A Refund team will be in contact within the next few hours on the next steps. Thanks for your interest in partnering with Share A Refund to bring savings to your chamber members. Is phone better for you?

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