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Is FedEx SmartPost really a smart option?


Partnerships can help bring two companies together to offer one excellent service. Think of this year’s announcement when Google introduced the next version of its Android operating system, Android Oreo. The popular cookie brand obtained greater visibility. Now, what if something went wrong with the operating system and Google tried to blame Oreo? That wouldn’t be good business, yet that’s the battle happening with two giant carriers.

FedEx and USPS refuse to take responsibility for lost and damaged shipments

FedEx SmartPost partners with the U.S. Postal Service® for last-mile delivery to the end customer. It provides shippers with a slower, but cost-effective option for high-volume shippers. FedEx SmartPost might boast in offering a low-cost alternative, but their failure to approve lost and damage claims are causing them to lose popularity. Because FedEx SmartPost connects with the U.S Postal service for final-mile delivery, when it comes to damaged shipments, both carriers end up pointing the finger at each other. Passing the blame back and forth and hoping customers give up on requesting a refund is an awful way to operate. Take the eBay forum as an example of customers suffering at the hands of FedEx SmartPost.

eBay sellers air their grievances

Effective partnerships of any level have to feel synergistic. The power of the pairing should provide better customer experience and increase profits. It should not leave a trail of disgruntled customers who have had their dollars drained and lost and damaged claims ignored.


FedEx SmartPost refused to give refunds

The chances of getting a lost and damaged claim approved by FedEx SmartPost is rare. Frustrated sellers point out, “Claims for damage are only potentially valid if the tracking status of your package states, ‘Damaged, unable to deliver shipment – Please contact shipper/merchant for details.’” FedEx creates many hoops for their customers to jump through to avoid paying a refund and shoves the blame onto the Postal Service. The bottom line is as long as FedEx can show the SmartPost package was handed to USPS, they are off the hook for a claim. If you are shipping fragile items, think twice before using SmartPost to transport your shipment. Call Share A Refund to optimize your carrier contracts today and ensure the maximum amount of dollars are returned to your business.

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