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Share A Refund in INC 5000 for 2022


Share A Refund to be featured in the annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Share A Refund continues to make significant strides in the service industry with a plan built for the future.

Name up to two important examples of ways Share A Refund had a positive impact on your industry in the past 12 months.

Share A Refund continues to make advancements in the Software industry. Companies across the world rely on Share A Refund for cost-savings in logistics operations. Small businesses and large healthcare providers alike utilize Share A Refund’s technology to ensure deliveries made by all major carriers are delivered on time and in pristine condition. If a delivery does not meet these requirements, Share A Refund takes the necessary measures to award a refund back to business owners across the community. Essential businesses need not be focused on the intricacies of shipping tracking events, but on the people who need critical medicines and supplies. Share A Refund advances this principle down to the last step in the delivery process, known as proof of delivery. Business requirements mandate proof of delivery documents (i.e. certified signature documents with a delivery timestamp). These documents are required for payment from certain food, medical, and other sensitive deliveries. Proof of delivery documents are not easy to obtain. The workflow related to the retrieval of these documents is tedious, and it requires a login for the carrier website, which isn’t always available to the person tasked to do the work. Share A Refund provides an automated system to extract, transform, and load proof of delivery documents into a single data store for all carriers. Share A Refund provides a state-of-the-art all-in-one reporting dashboard to retrieve proof of delivery documents from any shipment that is associated with your shipping account within seconds. This provides peace of mind for those who need it most. 

Name up to two important examples of things Share A Refund did to positively impact the community, environment, or society at large in the past 12 months.

During the past year, many sectors of the business world have been faced with adversity. Share A Refund understands the focus of essential businesses is to provide those in need with crucial products ranging from food to medical equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible. Healthcare shipments are required to be accounted for and handled carefully each step of the delivery process. The shipments must be maintained in temperature-controlled spaces, and shipments often involve precious cargo, including everything from surgical equipment to medical drugs and even human body samples. The Food and Drug Administration FDA requires thorough documentation of the date of a receipt, signature proof of delivery by a designated delivery service, or a letter acknowledging receipt by the receiver. Any mistakes in this supply chain could be costly in many different ways. Share A Refund works alongside healthcare organizations to ensure every shipment is handled as efficiently as possible. Share A Refund’s all-in-one proof of delivery dashboard software is designed to remove the hassle of obtaining and maintaining these required documents. Healthcare facilities and medical supplies distributors utilize Share A Refund’s proof of delivery dashboard to easily sort and store these necessary documents.

Share A Refund reaches out to provide free analytics and tracking events for all medical supplies, medicine,  and equipment. The medical field strives to help those in need receive potentially life-saving supplies, medicine, and equipment. Extreme precision and accuracy must be used starting with the manufacturing of the product up to the delivery of the product to its final destination. Share A Refund offers the healthcare sector an easy-to-use visual dashboard to display tracking events of all shipments across all carriers at no cost. Real time alerts are displayed for each shipment each step of the way in one location. Critical time is now saved if an exception occurs during the delivery process. The necessary measures can be taken as quickly as possible in order to ultimately deliver essential shipments to those that need it most during this time that has seen a rise in demand for medical supplies and equipment.

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