How to void unused UPS shipping labels online

The guide below outlines the process of filing void claims on for unused shipping labels. Unused shipping labels cost money. As a best practice any unused shipping label should be voided as soon as the label is known to be unused to avoid unnecessary charges by UPS.

Step 1: Login to UPS

Use the username and password associated with your UPS account. If you’re uncertain of this information, then you might need to reset your UPS password or contact UPS customer service for assistance with accessing your account.

Step 2: Navigate to void a shipment

This is the page from which customers can submit void claims for unused shipping labels. Note: these must be submitted one at a time.

Step 3: Enter the tracking number of the shipment

Share a Refund provides the tracking numbers for unused shipping labels to third-party shippers in the form of an email notification. Simply copy and paste the list of tracking numbers within this email into on the void a shipment page specific above.

Step 4: Confirm the void claim is submitted

Responses at this step are varied as UPS reserves the right to review each claim submitted as a manual process. Given this, simply look for something to the regard of submitted successfully on the page, implying that the void request was entered correctly and processed as intended.

Step 5: Confirm the refund credit is delivered

Refund credits for unused shipping labels are delivered in the form of refund on credit card associated with a UPS account or to the UPS account directly, in the form of a refund credit. Refund credits are automatically applied to future invoices. Share a Refund tracks all refund credits, and reports on savings delivered.

Note: In the case of third-party billing, such a credit will not be visible on the shipper’s invoice, as the shipper was not the payee account that shipment. If you are a third-party shipper, Share a Refund will report to your business partner on the voiding of the unused shipping label for you.

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