Why Share a Refund

Government, Large enterprises and small businesses use Share a Refund.

The Share a Refund difference is what sets our services apart from the rest. Share a Refund combines flexible terms, industry validation, holistic services, and intelligent software to get the most money back to your business every week. Share a Refund wants to give shippers effective solutions for reducing shipping costs.

Flexible terms

Share a Refund introduced carefully crafted pricing-term options to satisfy any company’s preferences. Flexible terms make it effortless for any business to use Share a Refund services that extend from shipment auditing to filing lost and damaged claims and expertly optimizing carrier agreements.
Refunds and credits secured back to your shipping account by us are tracked and reported on a weekly basis. There are no onboarding costs, monthly service fees or hidden pricing. Our work is done 100% on a performance basis. Share a Refund only makes money if you make money.
Share a Refund wins 100K at Quickbooks

Industry Awards

Not every app can say it’s won an industry-recognized award. Share a refund was announced as the winner of the $100k grand prize at Intuit Small Biz App Showdown in 2016. More than 100 apps competed over the course of several months for the chance to be selected as one of ten finalists and the ultimate opportunity to walk away as a winner.
Finalists were chosen based on several metrics including quality of integration to QuickBooks, innovation, market impact, number of votes and number of users on QuickBooks.

Comprehensive service offerings

Share a Refund offers comprehensive services beyond shipment auditing that include both filing lost and damaged claims and optimizing carrier agreements to ensure the maximum amount of money is delivered back into your business.
This award-winning tool is used by some of the largest shippers in the world to both automatically recover savings on lost and damaged shipments and to navigate the intricacies of carrier contracts. A wide array of services offer shippers the ability to collect the most savings and the chance to reallocate time to high-level business priorities.

World-class technology

Technology is a tool that revolutionizes business. Analyzing shipment invoices manually keeps the process in-house, but results in human error and an inefficient use of time and talent. Using industry best practices, a multipoint comprehensive audit is performed in near real-time providing precision and speed in the analysis performed on each shipment.
Share a Refund eliminates shipment auditing errors to secure full refunds and provides seamless integration without disrupting daily workflow. Share a Refund deploys proprietary software developed after years in the shipment auditing industry. You shouldn’t have to overpay for shipping.
“I’m amazed at the utility of this app. In an instant, I can log in and see real-time data on every shipment and claim. I’m not in the dark anymore when it comes to shipment auditing.”
Mary N
Warehouse Manager
"You don’t have to take our word for it"

Listen to Mariko Hayashi-Hall, ACOAP, ACPA, CSC, Brilliant Solutions Group CEO, explain how the shipment auditing and recovery service has helped clients save time and money.
Mariko Hayashi-Hall
CEO of Brilliant Solutions Group

Share a Refund won the largest cash prize ever awarded to an app, $100k.

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