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USPS joins fight for holiday shoppers with next-day Sunday delivery

USPS Sunday Delivery Holiday Christmas

Crowded malls, long lines, and full parking lots are all indicators that holiday shopping is in full swing. Some shoppers get a thrill from navigating the congested aisles and scouring shelves to hunt for the gifts on their shopping list. For others, the mere thought of facing the throng of people to buy their sweet nephew Timmy a present is enough to incite panic. Many have turned to Amazon to complete their online seasonal shopping, but often there are specialty items you can’t find browsing Amazon that need to be purchased from a brick-and-mortar business. Realizing this need, the U.S. Postal Service hopes to leverage its logistics expertise to provide what other businesses cannot.

Sundays just got sweeter for some shoppers

USPS is piloting a program to offer Sunday delivery, an option not currently offered by shipping giants UPS and FedEx, beginning Nov. 26 with delivery even occurring on Christmas Day in some cities, according to a report from the Associated Press. The program, available in 20 U.S. cities, allows consumers to place online orders with participating retailers before a cutoff time Saturday and the carriers pick up product from the retailer for delivery the next day.

The next-day delivery turnaround is appealing to the shopper bent on procrastinating and the lower-cost is attractive to the cost-conscious shopper. At a time when carriers like FedEx and UPS are implementing holiday surcharges, the Postal Service is sticking with its lower package rates for the holidays. UPS has already announced its peak season surcharges on ground shipments while rival FedEx is raising rates for oversized packages shipped during the holidays.

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Targeting last-mile delivery

Sunday delivery isn’t a brand new initiative for the Postal Service. For years Amazon has partnered with the Postal Service for Sunday deliveries and USPS has premium Priority Mail Express deliveries on Sunday as part of its offerings. Retailers and carriers are in a frenzy to conquer last-mile delivery logistics. USPS already visits nearly every residential address in the United States to deliver mail which is why the Parcel Service believe it’s the best option for those home deliveries this holiday season.

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