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Prospectus by Share a Refund

Instantly uncover potential refunds on recent FedEx, UPS and DHL shipping invoices

Prospectus is a radically better way to add value to shippers by analyzing and displaying the potential refunds available on carrier invoices. Once recent invoices are submitted to Share a Refund, it only takes a few minutes for possible refunds to be outlined and delivered using interactive charts and graphs, downloadable reports, and more.

The bottom line is businesses are missing out on money. Prospectus provides a free way to see the amount of overlooked refunds.

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How it works

Prospectus is a real-time audit and reporting tool powered by Share a Refund that instantly shows potential refunds for businesses that ship with DHL, FedEx or UPS.

1. Go to Prospectus .
2. Download recent carrier invoices.
3. Upload recent FedEx, UPS and DHL invoices as instructed.
4. Watch the audit run in real time.
5. Review the final report that showcases missed refunds.


Fast results. 

After submitting the requested invoices, a report will be sent to you within minutes detailing potential refunds found.

Real data. 

Everything is calculated and populated using real transportation data to provide an accurate view of possible savings.

Analyzes each package.

 Prospectus analyzes two weeks of carrier invoice data to identify overcharges and billing errors.

100% free. 

There’s no cost in running this analysis. The intent of this app is to showcase the quality of auditing program built into our enterprise auditing software.

free parcel auditing online tool
“Prospectus is a powerful tool for shippers that are curious about money being left on the table. I uploaded my UPS invoices and within minutes I was looking at money I didn’t know we were missing, and could relay that information to my team.”Jennifer S. - Logistics Senior Director

What’s audited

Once the carrier invoices are received, potential refunds will be analyzed and divided by the following auditing points:

Service failures.

Service failures include shipments that were delivered late for reasons related to carrier network disruptions. These potential savings are commonly referred to as Money Back Guarantees.

Manifested not shipped.

Carriers charge for shipping labels printed, even those that are not used. These can be voided for a refund when not intended for use.

Invalid Saturday surcharges.

Pickups and deliveries scheduled for Saturday are charged additional fees. These fees are recoverable in the case of no action on the scheduled date.

Invalid residential surcharges.

Commercial addresses are sometimes charged additional fees reserved for residential addresses. These fees are recoverable when such fees are incorrectly applied.

Invalid delivery area surcharges.

Rural delivery zones are charged additional fees. These fees are recoverable on recent shipments when incorrectly applied.

Invalid fuel surcharges.

Fuel surcharges are applied to shipments that are delivered to residential addresses and extended delivery areas.

Duplicate charges.

Duplicate invoices, tracking numbers, and cost components occur within carrier statements.

Invalid dimensional weight.

Scanned dimensional weight adjustments that increase the rated weight of a shipment.

Discount mistakes.

This is an estimate. Performance pricing and discounts are analyzed in the full audit performed on customer accounts.

Each auditing point is listed and the amount of potential savings is displayed. The next step after analysis is to sign up for the Share a Refund auditing and claim filing service. Claims must be filed for the refunds to be secured. If you’re working with a different auditing company currently, then be sure to chat with our team about the fee-free auditing program that exists to see if you’re eligible to qualify

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