The Share a Refund difference

Completely scalable

Meets the needs of even the world’s largest companies, Share a Refund offers multiple products designed to scale with your business all in one powerful package.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing terms make it effortless for any business to use Share a Refund.

Stop anytime

There is no obligation, so you can stop your savings at any time with zero cancellation fees or penalties.

Automatic savings

Share a Refund immediately goes to work securing transportation savings for your business. New cost-saving opportunities for your business are highlighted by benchmarking data and assessing current shipping spend.

Savings Calculator

Compare the different pricing and terms by product.

Audit and recovery

Auto correct for billing disputes and billing mistakes.
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Lost and damage claims

Automated workflows file complete claims in five seconds.
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Carrier agreement optimization

See the financial impact of each discount or incentive down to the penny.
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Carrier agreement compliance

Verify all components of pricing agreements for carrier accountability.
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GL coding

Prepare for the future of finance with freight GL Coding.
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Transportation Insights

Cloud-powered analytics generate real-time transportation insights.
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