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The demands of fashion require speed. From concept to creation, creation to showroom, samples to buyers, produced goods to stores and finally, store to customer, goods are always on the move to satisfy today’s fast-fashion expectations. And the speed of fashion frequently requires expedited shipping. Next day, 2nd day, Early AM. It’s expensive. And while using such services may be a necessity, overpaying is not. Share a Refund helps fashion manufacturers keep their shipping lean by automatically auditing carrier invoices to secure refunds for billing mistakes, late shipments and unused shipping labels.
boutique shops


Specialty, backorder and customized items shipped to customers direct.
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cosmetic logistics


Manufacturers and retailers of cosmetics, makeup and beauty products.
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fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising

Purchasing, selling and distribution of clothing and accessories.
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jewelry parcel shipping


Manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and retailers of fashion jewelry, necklaces, rings, watches and customized pieces.
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wedding dress designer shipping

Wedding dresses

Designers, retailers and rentals of dresses, gowns, tuxedos and special occasions.
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Share a Refund is your personal shipment auditor

Reviews each shipment with a comprehensive analysis.

Finds any billing mistakes assessed on a shipment.

Files claims with your parcel carriers on mistakes.

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automtic savings on shipping for fashion
refund credits

You collect the savings secured by Share a Refund

Refunds are issued by parcel companies as credits.

Credits are applied to your shipping invoices.

2-5% is the average savings on each invoice.

It’s all upside for your business

There’s no upfront or monthly fees.

All work is done for a split of the savings.

Savings that would’ve otherwise gone uncollected.

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all upside saas

Share a Refund secures refunds from your parcel carriers automatically

UPS, FedEx and UPS all provide money-back guarantees to insure on-time arrivals and protection against billing mistakes. But, over $2.5 billion dollars went unclaimed with the carriers last year alone. Why? They make refund opportunities difficult to find, time consuming to process and they only give you 14-days to file a claim.

Leading companies now turn to award-winning Share a Refund to ensure that every available refund dollar is secured 24/7/365. Share a Refund supports direct manufacturer shipments, 3rd party shipping partners, 3PL and other partnerships to ensure you’re protected with all parcel shipments on your account(s).

Do you file lost and damage claims manually? Share a Refund is here to help. For many shippers, the process of filing claims for lost and damaged shipments is completely manual. The collection of documents, data entry, and filing of claims takes upwards of 20 minutes on each claim. There’s a better way. Share a Refund automates the entire process.

Share a Refund offers an additional carrier agreement optimization option. Spend less time in the weeds of UPS and FedEx contracts and more time on your core business. Share a Refund contract optimization will either save you money or guarantee you have the best possible contract. It’s a win-win. With Share a Refund, you can save 10-20% on shipping, bringing profits back to your business.

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An easy way to save 2-5% on shipping

Share a Refund is here to save you money on shipping.