Cornerstone Draft

[tabby title="First Tab"]
  • Instant analysis
    Run a free, instant audit on recent carrier invoices.
  • Multipoint
    Comprehensive, multipoint audit uncovers all service failures, overcharges and discrepancies.
  • Proof of each refund
    Screenshots taken within your shipping accounts showcase every refund credit.
  • Full audit trail
    Each action taken by Share a Refund is time-stamped and detailed on a per shipment basis.
  • Real-time
    Secures more savings than any other provider due to speed. Disputes are filed the same day.
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  • Comprehensive
    Supports the lost and damaged claims management process end-to-end with automation.
  • Manages files
    Quickly search for tracking numbers to upload pictures and commercial invoices in seconds.
  • Automated
    AutoFile does it all. Identifies lost and damaged shipments, creates documents, files claims and reports weekly.
  • Declared value
    Claim amount adjusts to handle the purchase of declared value on each shipment.
  • Lifecycle shipments
    Built-in settings for perishable shippers. Files claims on shipments delivered late by one or more days.
[tabby title="Third Tab"]
  • Better software
    Effortlessly evaluate the financial impact of multiple carrier agreements within a single view.
  • Experienced professionals
    Built by experienced logistics professionals to negotiate hundreds of carrier agreements.
  • Full transparency
    Savings reports showcase savings by shipment for each invoice component charge.
  • Cross-carrier analysis
    Contrast domestic and international lanes across multiple carriers with just a few clicks.
  • Flexible approach
    Parcel professionals use Share a Refund to model spend and negotiate winning agreements.