Amazon blames U.S. Postal Service for AmazonFresh challenges

Amazon blames US Postal Service for Amazon Fresh Challenges

Some AmazonFresh customers will have to head back to browsing grocery aisles after Nov. 30., according to messages sent to customers in specific zip codes. Earlier this month, Amazon suddenly stopped its AmazonFresh grocery delivery service in selected areas without offering an explanation. Some might naturally speculate the decision to end the service stemmed from Amazon acquiring Whole Foods, but internal sources shared a different story. A story that paints the U.S. Postal Service as the weak link in Amazon’s delivery plans.

U.S. Postal Service forced to take the blame

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, privately placed the blame on the U.S. Postal Service, which was largely responsible for delivering AmazonFresh to the affected delivery areas, according to Recode’s sources. Amazon officials informed food brands that the Postal Service had too many late or missed deliveries leaving customers with an unreliable experience and that the affected delivery areas were less densely populated making AmazonFresh delivery a challenge. Recode reports that increased Postal Service delivery rates contributed to Amazon clipping the service.

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