aerospace and defense parcel auditing

Aerospace and defense parcel audit

In an increasingly complex and evermore regulated global market, the aerospace industry is under extreme pressure to maintain margins throughout the supply chain. To meet this challenge, companies within the industry and sectors listed below employ Share a Refund for freight auditing services.

ship audit for defense

Defense contractor

Vendor, inspector, and services contractor companies
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audit for shippers of federal cargo

Defense logistics agency

Government property shippers of military supplies
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military vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle manufacturer

Tactical military vehicles, trailers and components
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satellite equipment manufacturers

Spacecraft and satellite

Launch, propulsion and networking assemblies
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weapons manufacturers parcel audit

Weapons manufacturer

Guns, ammunition and electronic systems for military
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Industries / Aerospace

Total package visibility

Shipping frequency and cost data is easy to visualize on Share a Refund.

Geocharts, and dozens of other unique charts built into Share a Refund give managers insight.

Share a Refund provides utility through free reporting. See it for yourself.
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aerospace freight auditing service
aerospace freight auditing service

Turnkey add-on for your TMS

An automated post audit is performed on every shipment.

Claims and disputes are filed with the carriers with 100% accuracy.

All filings are tracked and reported in detail.
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Adaptable features built-in

Supports all waiver types on carrier contracts.

Receives data in various formats: Upload, FTP, EDI.

Allows for unlimited users and shipping accounts.
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aerospace freight auditing service

The perfect extension for your existing TMS

The advantages of Share a Refund for companies within the aerospace industry and supporting sectors, such as defense contractors and satellite manufacturers, are numerous. The obvious and most impactful is the automated auditing that’s performed on each shipment, which finds any and all billing mistakes that might be assessed on a shipment and any shipments that were delivered late due to service failure by the carriers. Billing mistakes uncovered by the shipment auditing service are routed to the built-in claim submission service, which files submittals with the carriers, saving hundreds of man-hours each week for scaled, global enterprises. Once submitted, the claims are managed by a claim verification service to ensure that each potential savings opportunity is maximized. If there’s a billing mistake, Share a Refund sees it and takes action to secure savings.

Spotlight problems in the supply chain. Share a Refund makes it easy to see late shipments with detailed reports.

Use exports to improve performance. See the data like never before. Easy to use. Included for free.

See a cost reduction on parcel by $0.46 per shipment on average within the very first few weeks of deploying the service.
Do you have an existing auditing agreement? Save up to 70% in service fees and get more refund credits with Share a Refund. More info

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